Your appearance is an essential element when you consider your communication potential. Before you have even said “hello”, your image has already spoken for you. Without pronouncing a single word, in a short whisper, your image is immediately unveiled. Bearing this in mind, you have to agree that your appearance can be considered either as an asset or a weakness. Is this not sufficient reason to take the matter seriously ?

The objective of “Image-Consulting” is, with your entire complicity, to optimize your personal image and make it an essential resource. Whether it is on a personal or professional basis, the aim is to enhance your personality and to harmonize your character with your physical appearance.

Just as individuals, companies may also be judged on the appearance of their employees. An employee, whatever his position within the company, contributes significantly to its global image. It is fundamental for there to be a general harmonious impression which is emphasized when internal cohesion abides (places, people, behaviors).

I propose to accompany you, discreetly, whilst perfectly respecting your human values, on the road to change, to make your image the capital asset in the process of establishing your very own visual signature.



Image Consultant